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How to Prepare Chicken

I would like to continue the topic of chicken recipes and chicken meat. In my previous articles I gave you a lot of information about it. I have already written that chicken is cheap, tasty, and healthy and you can make a lot of chicken meals. This one will be about actions in the kitchen that are connected with chicken (and other birds too). I would like to write an article that will describe the most important activities connected with chicken preparing in the kitchen. So let's start.

First of all, you should remember that the best chicken meat (with the best taste and the most delicate) is from young birds. Old bird's meat is worst so it should be cooked for a long time to become delicate. You should remember that hens have got better meat than roosters. I think these information should be very important and helpful for you in the future or right now.

You should know that there are many activities connected with chicken meat (not only cooking and eating). In this text I would like to describe some of them. Read this article very careful and maybe you will find something that you didn't know before.

First activity that I want to describe is removing feathers. You should do it with whole hand starting from down parts to upper parts. It's good to put chicken in hot water for a few minutes (65-75° C). The rest of small feathers can be removed with fire. I think this activity is very important, but now I'm going to discuss another thing.

Now let's focus our attention on another very important activity. It will be thawing. Almost everybody have got chicken in the fridge. You can only thaw it by putting it in temperature above 0° C. If you feel that you can move or form the chicken, you should stop thawing (a lot of chicken recipes is giving this advice).

I think these are the most important advices connected with activities in the kitchen (with chicken of course). I hope they will be important for you and they will help you some time. Of course there are more advices and information's about it in many chicken recipes, so I didn't present all of them. In my opinion these information presented in my article are the most important.

That's all for now. I hope that you liked this article and it was helpful for you. Next time I will also write about aspects connected with chicken recipes. I'm going to write more articles very soon, so be patient.

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